Kindness and Truth – Thoughts on Proverbs 3:3-4

Proverbs 3 instructs – Write kindness and truth on the tablet of your heart, and bind them around your neck. In doing so, you will find favor and good repute in the sight of God and man.

Thinking on these verses, traveling through the construction zone along I-20 through Bossier City comes to mind. For the next year or so, traffic will be confined to one lane for several miles through our community. Signs leading up to the merge into one lane of traffic warn travelers that things are going to get slower and be congested. Many are in a hurry and impatient not wanting to wait their turn in the “line” as they approach the construction area. Some seem to go unusually slow in the open lane anticipating and accepting the delay and disgruntled drivers beside them as well as behind them. Some stay in the closing merging lane driving as fast as they can before hitting the last possible traffic cone in the the closing lane as they merge in forcing themselves into the slower, single lane of traffic ahead of as many cars and trucks as possible.

Though not a fan of construction zones, one thing of note this time in the construction zone is positioning the police cars ahead of the merge with their lights flashing 24/7. It is a big attention grabber to see those bright lights at night as well as in the daytime to seemingly say to us, “Hey, watch out! Think about what is coming up soon! Your attention is needed now! Considerations will need to be made! Be prepared for the unexpected! Watch out now how you proceed and take your time!” The constant presence of the police cars with their flashing lights seems to have really helped traffic move along with less difficulties, back ups, and slow downs as well as potentially preventing accidents and saving many lives.

In today’s world, many seem to have lost the concept of developing their knowledge of truth. In Solomon’s book of Proverbs, Solomon writes a warning to his son (like the police posted before the construction zone) to have knowledge of truth and develop forethought. He calls his son to recognize the possible dangers upcoming in his path through life and to not to be naive. He calls his son to gain not only knowledge, but wisdom in its use as well. Knowledge of facts without knowing how to use those facts and information reveals a lack of wisdom.

Most drivers know the rules of the road, but knowing how to apply and use those rules of the road shows wisdom. In Proverbs 3, Solomon entreats his child to understand and know kindness and truth so well that kindness and truth are inscribed or etched into his heart. Kindness and a knowledge of the truth are also to be bound around his neck. Like the flashing lights on the police car positioned before the construction, we would be wise to have knowledge of what is true and a commitment to kindness at the heart of all we do. A necklace bound around the neck is often one of the first things a person notices about someone they greet. Are kindness and truth in us seen by others? Do kindness and truth show in our attitudes and actions? Solomon was the wisest man to live because he sought the Lord’s wisdom above all else. His Proverbs, written thousands of years ago, are still true and useful today. His admonition to be kind is still so important and necessary. Recognizing truth is not always what we want to see. Kindness is not always what we want to give either.

As we travel through the construction zones of our lives, let us recognize the truths before us and use that knowledge to safely proceed through this often difficult and short life. Let us learn from and act on truth with the wisdom that God promises to all who ask in faith. (James 1:5-6) Let us also remember to always be kind to our fellow man who may or may not be aware of the truth or understand the dangers and delays ahead of them. When we show kindness and stand for and in truth, we will please both God and man.

Let’s think on these things…. Philippians 4:4-9

© Robin House 11/08/2023