EV Doesn’t Make Sense to Me – Yet.

California officials voted unanimously to ban the sale of new gas and diesel powered cars and trucks beginning in 2035, California is also mandating that 35% of new vehicles be powered by batteries or hydrogen by 2026 and 68% by 2030.

Yet today — when we, as a nation, were energy independent in 2019-2020, California officials don’t have enough electricity or capacity in their grid to power the current homes and businesses in the state.

Officials asked Californians to help with the current energy shortage by doing the following three things during peak usage hours.

1. Turn their thermostats up to 78º or higher.
2. Do not use large appliances and turn off unnecessary lights.
3. Avoid charging electric cars.

And yet they want EVERYONE to drive an electric car. The infrastructure for electric vehicles is not ready. The technology has not come to the market yet to make electric cars feasible, functional, or affordable.

I wonder how California politicians will prioritize and assign who gets to have air conditioning, lights in their home, the right to wash and dry their clothes, own a deep freezer or other large appliance, and power their electric cars going forward. And when the batteries on those electric cars need to be replaced and cost more than the car is worth, what’s the car owner to do next???

Some seem to want to go back to the dark ages. Perhaps that’s why so many people are moving away from California. California policies just doesn’t make sense to me. Unfortunately Virginia and other states are following the “lead” of California.

Robin House©️