God from A to Z Book & CD

God from A to Z is Robin’s first published children’s book. Aimed at young children, the illustrated book describes the God of the Bible in detail, with each letter of the alphabet linked to one of God’s aspects. God’s nature is poetically captured in Robin’s writing while Peggy A. Borel’s beautiful illustrations visualize and cement the concepts for young minds on each page.

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Who is God?What is He like?Where does He live?

Parents, grandparents, teachers, and mentors often struggle to explain the God of the Bible. In the new children’s non fiction book, God from A to Z, the nature and character of God is described and defined in a fun, memorable and interactive way. Beautifully illustrated, God from A to Z, is designed to be read and re-read to infants, toddlers, and elementary age children.

With over 35 years experience in teaching infants in cradle roll class through adult marriage seminars and ladies parenting and Bible classes, Robin House is committed to helping both children and adults learn about the God of the Bible. A former home school mom, Robin understands the challenges facing today’s parents, grandparents, teachers, and mentors. Her training as a physical therapist and an elite life coach led Robin to design the book to address the variety of learning styles in children and adults. A chart reference explaining how to use the book for each age group and an answer key for the discussion topics is also included.

– from KBCL “The Bridge” paper publication

God from A to Z is published by Dei Gratia Publishing. © 2016 Robin House