Announcing My New Book “God From A to Z”

Hello friends! I am happy and proud to announce my first children’s book was released this week.

I was not expecting to write this book. I had other plans and ideas. But like so many things in my life, God had other ideas for the path and direction I would pursue. Like a pregnancy, the past months have been full of changes, growing, and development for me. My days have been consumed with work on this book. Like many pregnancies, the labor was hard and there was not much anesthetic. But like so many births, the trials and pain have given way to joy and accomplishment as my book has come to life and is out for all to see. I am proud, like all new moms, for you to see my work and to appreciate its value in our world today. Like a new babe, my book has a name that I think suits it. Entitled God From A to Z with the subtitle of Describing and Defining the God of the Bible, I have high aspirations for my book. A book for children and adults, God From A to Z, was designed to teach and be a resource for learning about who the God of the Bible is. At 9″ X 9″ my book is easy to hold. A hard cover makes it durable, and at 64 pages, it is twice the size of most children’s books on the market today. Full color on every page makes my book beautiful, supporting the text with metered rhyme and Scripture. Encouraging discussion, God From A to Z, is interactive and helps the readers to grow in their knowledge and understanding of God.

I’d can’t wait for you all to meet my book and turn its pages. Thanks to my daughter, Brittany, and sons, Reuben and Dwight, my book has an online presence and is available to everyone now. My children gave me a wonderful birthday gift this year and purchased the domain,, for my book. They also set up the website and online store there. They did a great job at something that was a big hurdle for me. I hope you will take a look at I’ll also be at various libraries, bookstores, churches and other venues in the coming months to share the message of God From A to Z. If you have a group or organization that would like to schedule me to come to speak or present about my book or other topics I speak on, contact me at, and we’ll set it up.

Lastly, I have not forgotten my newsletter, The Good News Gazette. It will be back in 2017 as a blog. Thank you all for reading my articles and the kind words of encouragement over the years. I hope you will follow me on this new adventure of writing books to help and encourage. Once again, I deeply appreciate each and every one of you and thanks for reading. May God bless you today and always.