On a recent flight, I had the opportunity to see the fruits of our shattered immigration system in person. On board our flight from a regional airport in my home town to a major hub, we were accompanied by at least four illegal aliens. They were young males, who I’d assess to be in the 20 to 40 year old age range, with a white tow sack for luggage and a smart phone. I don’t know what was in their sacks, but it is likely that my tax dollars bought their phone and is paying for their data plan along with their “free ride” on American Airlines to wherever they wanted to go.

While I would have to prove that I’m vaccinated to go to other countries or return to my home in the USA, illegals don’t.

While I have to prove that I have a specific type of negative covid test to get in, return, or travel in some parts of the USA, illegals don’t.

While I have to show a valid ID and prove my identity to board a flight, illegals don’t.

While I have to obey the laws of the land in the country I am a citizen of, illegals don’t.

While I would be fined or jailed for certain crimes, our federal government makes sure illegals don’t have the same standards or penalties as the USA citizens. In fact, sometimes, law enforcement bodies are prevented, precluded, and subverted from expelling illegal aliens in our towns and cities.

Over 221,300 illegals (that we know) of entered our nation through the southern border in March of 2022. That is about 25,000 more people than in my hometown, which happens to be the third largest city in Louisiana. With Shreveport ranking 25th in the nation for murders in a 2022 report, we don’t need more illegal people, activities, and crime coming to town.

What is our local government doing about it? Nothing that I’ve heard of so far. Greyhound buses drop off illegals and our airports transport some of them on to additional “destinations” in our midst.

What is our state government doing about it? I’ve called the Govenor’s office and our state representatives. The answer – nothing. They say there is nothing they will or can do, and they blame the federal government.

What is our federal government doing? The Republican representatives say that they are in the minority and the majority rules, so they can do nothing. The Democratic representatives don’t seem to see any problem with open borders. The President and whoever is pulling the puppet strings of power in the executive branch has deliberately and systematically dismantled our border enforcement and security.

When this President took the oath promising that he “will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States,” did he not understand his pledge? Did he think enforcing the immigration laws of the land unimportant and something in which he could personally reject complying and enforcing?

How could the President not know that opening the borders to illegal aliens would bring thousands of women and children into slavery and sex trafficking?

Did you see the three year old left alone at the border this week? Did you hear about the children being used as pawns for entry and the ones raped, beaten, and sometimes executed or left to die at the southern border?

How could the powers that be not know that cartels in Mexico would literally and figuratively make a killing over transporting people and drugs into our nation?

Did you know that the biggest cause of death today in the USA for 18-45 year old citizens is a fentanyl overdose? Our young adults and young parents are dying from the fentanyl shipped from China to Mexico that then comes across our southern border.

Nancy Reagan had a program called “Just say No!” to help stop drug abuse in our communities. Our government, by not enforcing the borders, has just said yes to killing our US citizens by flooding our communities illegal drugs.

Make no mistake, there is a plan at work. A plan for evil and not good. It is a plan for less freedom and more slavery. It is a plan for more control and less civilization. It is a plan for the re-imagining of America into a socialist and communist society directed by economically and socially crippling tyrannical rule. Is this what we want? Is this what we will stand for?

Current estimates reveal that by the end of the current President’s first term, one person in five will be an illegal alien living in our nation. Did you get that? Within less than 3 years, on average, sitting in a group of 5 people, one will not be here legally. That’s 20% of the US population that will not be US citizens within 3 years or less. How do you think that will affect our country, our communities, and our elections?

With a free phone, free rides on public and private transportation (including planes, trains, and buses), free health care, free education, and as one state is proposing, free college for illegals from the federal covid money allotment, why wouldn’t people come to the United States from everywhere? Well, guess what? Reports say that illegals have been documented as coming from 106 different countries around the world, including countries who have proclaimed us their mortal enemies and who have vowed to destroy our nation. Almost two dozen caught crossing our southern border recently were on our terrorist watch lists. We have no idea how many on the terrorist lists weren’t caught.

So now you know more of the bad news, what can be done?

I can speak from experience that one lone person calling their congressman/woman, senator, and the white house to demand enforcement of our laws and the security of our nation’s borders has been ineffective. Once elected, most politicians aren’t listening anymore. HELLO! Senator Cassidy. It will take a multitude of us calling to make our voices heard. I hope you will call and email to make your voice heard. To contact the U S Congress (House of Representatives and Senate), call 202 -224-3121. To contact the executive branch at the White House, call 202-456-1111. To contact your Govenor or local officials, “google” their numbers, and get involved to stand up for the safety and security of our nation. Call. Everyone call.

Did you know that there is no provision for the removal of an elected U S Senator for not doing his job or misrepresenting the people he was sent to represent? The President can be impeached – and we saw the last one impeached twice, but many elected officials are seemingly above and beyond the laws they make. This is why character counts and morals matter. It could be that a state could recall a U S Senator, but they won’t and don’t. When those in power start making laws to keep the citizenry from having influence in their government while inviting non citizens to a free lunch at our table on our tax dollars, something is terribly wrong.

What will work is if we, as freedom-loving, law-abiding, God-fearing citizens will unite and work together to select and elect candidates that stand for what is right and truth and abhor evil, that love life and will stand up to stop the death and destruction we are seeing in our society, and that won’t be beholden to anything, but to love one another like God commands. Romans 13:8 says, “Owe no one anything, except to love each other, for the one who loves another has fulfilled the law.”

Too many in politics today owe their allegiance to a party or particular lobby group – denying what is right and best for all in the big scheme of things or are simply serving their own self-interest and not the citizens who elected them. This is wrong, and if we don’t turn this bus around – we as a nation, will go over the cliff to destruction.

We must put aside allegiances to political parties and seek to do what is right. We must not trust the politician, but verify that he is doing the good will of the people. We must fire those who don’t do their duty to those they are supposed to serve and protect. This is our duty as citizens of a government that is supposed to be of, by, and for the people it serves.

Lastly and most importantly, this nation’s governmental system was specifically and distinctly designed for a citizenry that is Christian in nature, values, and ethics. It can not work, survive, or long function if our nation is not following the God of the Bible. To that end, we must look at our own selves and families. Perhaps we have work to do to clean up our own personal messes and some fences to mend. We must be willing to look clearly and honestly at what truth is. We must stop lying. In Colossians 3:9 Paul says to the Christians there, “Do not lie to one another, since you laid aside the old self with its evil practices,” Perhaps we, as a people, need to repent, turn away from sin, and commit to doing right.

Jesus said in Matthew 22 these two things were most important, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” I think this is the answer. When we love our neighbors as we love ourselves, we will be united. There will be no cultural or racial divides we can not deal with because we will want to and will love and care for one another. We will stand for truth and righteousness and reject lies and unrighteousness.

So, how do we do it?

It takes a commitment to Christ and a transformation from the inside out.
It takes courage not to quit.
It takes caring enough to stick your neck out to do right and help others.
It takes being involved in the community of Christ’s church family and standing tightly together to help one another day by day to get through everything this evil world will throw at us.
It takes communicating the Gospel to those who don’t know it yet. In Matthew 28 Jesus commands, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.”

This is the answer. Jesus is the real answer for it all.

Don’t let anyone confuse you.

Don’t let the forces of evil convince you that nothing can be done.

Don’t believe that we are so different and divided from one another that we can never come together. We are each unique and special individuals – just like everyone else – specifically and intentionally designed in the very image of an Almighty God who loves us and gave His own Son to redeem us from our sin. We are only as divided as we allow ourselves to be. Don’t play the division game.

Don’t accept less than the best – God’s best – for yourself, your family, your community, and your country.

Let’s work together in love for what is good, right, and true.

Last questions — Who can we share the answer with today, and what are we waiting for?

Robin House