My Favorite Exercise Ever

As a physical therapist, I have worked with patients with many different diagnoses and disabilities. Though there is not a one size fits all therapeutic program, I have a few favorite exercises that I have found useful for most during my career in healthcare.

My favorite exercise promotes strength, balance, and functional skill. I am not prescribing or recommending any specific exercise or treatment for any person. As always, each person should consult their physician or other health care professional before starting any fitness program to determine if it is right for their needs. Persons with acute or active disabilities or disease processes should seek the evaluation and care from an appropriate health care professional for treatment. For those interested in health and wellness like me, I encourage regular exercise and activities to stay fit and healthy.

So what is my favorite exercise. It is simply standing up from a chair and sitting back down – usually slowly. This activity can be modified and varied to make the movement more or less difficult. That’s it. Stand, then sit, and repeat. More repetitions can increase endurance and strength. Varying the base of support, speed of the movement, height of the chair, and other modifications can add variation and degrees of difficulty to this activity.

Most of us want to have good balance and the strength and endurance to go about our desired daily activities well into our old age. Staying fit with exercise and activities, can help increase longevity. The sit to stand activity can be a quick, easy, simple and even a challenging movement that works many of our major muscle groups. Keep moving, and make it a great day.