The Winds of Life

One morning in late December of 2017 I sat at the kitchen table looking at the leaves blowing around by the power of the wind. This poem came to me then. I often find that life can be unexpected and unpredictable, but I know there is a Source of constancy and stability when all around me seems chaotic. I hope you know it too.

The Winds of Life

Watching a fallen leaf
Skip lightly across the ground
In the unseen air
Without a single sound.

And some of us like leaves
When the winds of life do blow,
Are carelessly tossed around
By our troubles and our woe.

We drift and flit through life
Going first from here to there
With no sure knowledge of a God
Who’d hold us in His care.

The Bible tells us that
Every hair upon our head
Is know by a mighty God
With every single step we tread.

If only we could know
And understand God’s grace
Of His magnificent love
And the Son that took our place

The son, His name is Jesus,
And He is living still-
To plead and call you to Him
To do His blessed will.

So come to the Rock,
And the Anchor that will hold,
The Messiah and the Master,
The Son of Man foretold.

In this life of struggle
When the wind is blowing strong.
There is a living Savior
To whom we can belong.

He gives us full forgiveness,
And a love that is great and true
And in all of eternity
A home and heavenly view.

© Robin Robbins House 12/27/2017